Appliances (Part 8 Home Energy)

There are only a couple of appliances that you should be concerned about considering replacing, as far as efficiency goes. The number one appliance is the fridge/freezer. The second would be the washing machine, which would not include the dryer. A distant third and fourth would be the dishwasher and the non-energy-star dehumidifier. Here is a link to a nice database for refrigerators and freezers to give you an idea of how many KWH of electricity your current unit is using. Compare that to a new unit’s yellow energy sticker to determine the savings you would receive by replacement. Then, based on the cost and potential energy savings, you can easily decide if replacing your appliance is a good investment. Stay away from side-by-side fridges with built in icemakers, as they are more expensive and less efficient than typical top-freezer models.

The boring energy star top down fridge, freezer without an icemaker. Cheap and very efficient.

Front-load washing machines use a lot less water, water heat, and electricity than top-load washers. Whenever replacing a top load, pick an energy star front load. Dishwashers should only be replaced for an energy-star model if you have a pre-1994 model. Otherwise, use it until it breaks. Non-energy-star dehumidifiers are a good item to replace, but it would be even better to remove the source of the moisture so that you do not need the dehumidifier whenever possible.

Front load washers use the least water and energy

Average Return on Investment for Appliance Replacements

Fridge Replacement: AVG 21%

Washer Replacement: AVG 11%

Dishwasher Replacement: AVG 8%

Dehumidifier Replacement: AVG 9%

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