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Monday 6-11-2012

I really like that asparagus is perennial, but I don’t like that I can’t move it around from year to year. Asparagus is essentially in place, and whatever pests develop, rotating the asparagus is not an option. Another option is to bring in other plants that will help to protect your asparagus patch. I personally like annuals as companions, because asparagus roots don’t like a lot of competition.


I am planting some sweet basil today as a companion. I would like to also plant some heirloom marigolds as a deterrent to the asparagus beetles. Below is a list of asparagus companions to consider.


Companions That Help Asparagus




Coriander (I am not a fan of this one, unless you plant them in pots, and place next to your patch)


Marigolds (Make sure you get heirloom marigolds. Many hybrids will not deter beetles.)



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