Broccoli Salad Recipe

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I’ve really had a great crop of broccoli this year, so Denise & I have been looking for ways to use the surplus. Denise came across an interesting recipe for broccoli salad with red onion and bacon. Denise tweaked it a bit to fit our taste, and it turned out really good.  



1 Very Large head fresh broccoli or 2 medium sized

1 Red onion

½ pound bacon

¾ Cup Golden Raisins

¾ Cup sliced cashews

1 Cup light mayo

½ Cup organic sugar

2 Tablespoons white wine vinegar


1. Cook bacon in a skillet, then cool and crumble.


2. Cut the onion and broccoli into pieces and ad the cashews, bacon, and raisins.


3. Mix the mayo, vinegar, and sugar together, then mix into salad evenly.


4. Place in fridge to chill overnight.


Broccoli Salad

Reference (The original recipe at the link below)

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