Chives are a must have for any garden

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Friday 5-4-2012

Chives were the first herb that I planted in my herb garden. It is a really easy to grow, versatile herb that is a must have in any garden. Chives seed can be planted in the spring about 12 inches apart, and you can be harvesting 6 weeks later. The only big requirement they have is to make sure they get sufficient water. They like a lot of humidity.


Benefits of chives

1. A long growing season, I get 9 months out of my chives, sometimes longer.

2. Cooking versatility, it can be used in a lot of different dishes, and is a good substitute for onions

3. It is a perennial herb (It comes back on its own year after year)

4. Easy to grow (I don’t do anything special for my chives, and they do great, without any pest issues)

5. Pull up the plant, and the bulbs can be picked like small onions

6. Chives are great companions for fruit trees, carrots, tomatoes, and brassicas


Chives in bloom

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