Permaculture is a design science with the goal of designing self-sufficient systems aligned with nature, and many times mimicking natural systems. A mature permaculture garden will ultimately be more productive, less work, sustainable, and great for the environment. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but there are demonstration sites all over the world that absolutely run circles around conventional agriculture and landscaping. For 11 years I was an owner of a successful commercial lawn and landscape business. For 4 years I was a building analyst, energy auditor, and weatherization contractor. Over the past 6 years I have been an avid organic gardener, researched and applied permaculture techniques and design, and completed two Permaculture Design Courses, one of which was taught by the #1 permaculture teacher in the world. My varied background of theory and real world practice in suburban & urban HOA's to the large acreage rural make my designs creative, beautiful, abundant, resilient, productive, appropriate to the site, and realistic to install.  If you are interested in a permaculture design and/or installation for your property, my services are listed below: -Main Frame Design (Contour lines, wind mapping, sun mapping, earthworks, pathways, access tracks, zones, broad design, windbreaks, wild areas, farm forestry, food forest, swales, ponds) -Consultation and critique of your existing design, crucial before you break ground! -Detailed Design (All of the above with specific trees, shrubs, groundcovers etc….) -Job Site Supervision -Site Visit -Phone Consultation -Surveying -Energy Efficient Building Design -Energy Efficient Retrofits of Existing Buildings

Zone 1 Garden Design


Permaculture Design


Commercial Permaculture Farm Design


Zoned Food Forest Sun Trap


Bee Forage & Chicken Forage Design

Consultations are $75 per hour. There is a minimum charge of $75 for a phone consultation for any time under one hour. Site visits are also $75 per hour, not including travel time and expenses. We will contact you within 48 hours to setup a date and time for the consultation.

Price: $75.00

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