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Tuesday 5-22-2012

I decided to grow some peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes in pots this year. These plants are perennial in warm climates, so I was going to pull them out for the spring and summer, and put them back in the greenhouse when it gets cool in the fall to try to keep them alive all year.


What type of pot to use?

It is not the type, as much as the size. Make sure you do have holes for drainage at the bottom of your pots. Also, place the pots in a site where the water will easily drain through, such as on a patio, or on bricks. I use anywhere between 7 gallon size, all the way up to a 15 gallon tree pot. The bigger the pot, the better it is for the plant but the harder for you to move around. I would suggest the biggest pot that you can move around. I personally just use some old plastic pots that some of my trees came in.



It really depends on the types of plants in your container garden. I kept leafy greens I had in pots from the winter in a shady spot this spring as I was harvesting. However my peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes are going in a full sun site on my walkway, right near my hose bib. 


Pros of container gardening

-You can literally grow almost anywhere, even if you don’t have any green space. (Patios, decks, terraces etc..)

-You have the flexibility of moving the plants indoors easily as needed.

-They are planted up and out of the way of a lot of the crawling pests


Cons of container gardening

-The plants can only establish as much of a root system as the pot has space for.

-Container grown plants dry out very quickly, therefore requiring irrigation.

-Containers can be very heavy to move around

-This type of garden is more expensive than an in ground garden

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