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Wednesday 4-25-2012

Most of the pests that effect chickens are active in the warm weather, so it is a good idea to do a thorough cleanup of their coop in the early spring, before the pest pressures build. This will eliminate 90-95% of the pest issues. If you have a well maintained coop and yard, without health problems in your flock, you should only need to do this once per year.


1.       Pick a warm, dry day to do the cleaning.

2.       It is a good idea to wear a dust mask, so you do not breathe in the dander, and particles that you will be disturbing.

3.       Remove all feeders, water containers, and other equipment that can be removed from the coop. These need to be cleaned and disinfected as well.

4.       Sweep out, shovel out, or shop-vac out as much as possible. I use a shovel to scrape my plastic grid floor to allow all the manure to fall through onto my plywood sheet that is under the coop. I then pull the plywood out so I can add the manure to my compost pile.

5.       Spray the coop inside and out with water.

6.       Disinfect the coop inside and out with Clorox clean-up, or you can mix bleach and boiling water.

7.       Spray the coop down one more time.

8.       Leave doors open to dry.


Dirty coop with feeders taken out                             Manure from inside and under scraped out


Coop cleaned and disinfected                                                    

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