Crop Rotation

Thursday 5-31-2012

Crop rotation is a method of moving certain types of plants to different farm plots from one year to the next.


What are the benefits?

The big benefits are decreased insect and disease pressures. It seems like every plant has its own special pest that wants to eat the poor plant. Moving plants from one year to the next will confuse those pests. Also, certain types of plants use or disperse certain elements and minerals in the soil. If you plant in the same place year after year, you will deplete the soil of the mineral or elements that the plant needs to grow, so you will have decreasing yields, year in and year out.


My annual crop rotation schedule

I have (6) garden plots that are approximately 800 square feet each. I rotate (6) different classes of plants each year. I try to stick to my rotation schedule as best as possible, but I do have to take into account my planting guilds, which can complicate things a bit. Here is the basic rotation that I use.


Plot 1



“German Butterball Potato”


Plot 2

Legumes (Soy beans, wax beans, peas)


Plot 3

Brassicas and greedy plants (Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) & (Corn, cucumbers, squash, melons)


“Calabrese Broccoli”


Plot 4

Salad crops, catch crops, & root vegetables (Lettuce, spinach) (Tomatoes, carrots, onions)


“Amish Paste Tomato”


Plot 5

Legumes (Soy beans, wax beans, peas)


Plot 6

Greedy plants (Cucurbits, eggplant, peppers)

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