DVD Review “Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way” Geoff Lawton

As much as I despise the consumer nonsense associated with Christmas, I decided to buy myself Geoff Lawton’s five part permaculture DVD series. I thought it would be worth doing a bit more research this winter, given the many projects I have planned for the next few years. Of all the permaculturalists out there, Geoff Lawton is my favorite, although they all offer valuable insights.

Water Harvesting DVD

I ordered the DVD’s from The Permaculture Research Institute in Australia, and they took about two weeks to arrive. I watched “Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way” first. I was a little disappointed that I had already seen this video on You Tube. I guess someone pirated it and put it out on You Tube. So, I really did not gain any new insights from this DVD, but it is good to support The Permaculture Research Institute.


This DVD showcases a student of Geoff’s property where they are installing water harvesting swales and a pond. It shows the project from the planning and surveying stage all the way through completion of the job and the first big rain. If you are planning to do any water harvesting projects in the future, this is worth a viewing.


Some of the Important Information Covered

-Marking contour lines

-How to install a swale (He talks about how a swale should be, but they do not show you how they did it)

-The importance of a keyway when installing a dam, and how to do it (This concept alone would be well worth it if you are planning to put a pond on your property)

-The type of soil needed to seal a dam and pond (Clay)

-The importance of a level spillway, and how to install one

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