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Farmer Phil’s Permaculture: The Original Permaculture Children’s Book Most of the permaculture books and material you see is geared toward adults with at least a basic knowledge of the design science. My wife Denise and I feel strongly that children are under served in the permaculture world. This is why we wrote a permaculture children’s picture book. It is the original and the only permaculture children’s storybook in existence. 

Farmer Phil's Farm

I hope everyone will consider picking up a copy, and if you do, please, please, please, please write a review on Amazon. Below is the description on Amazon.   Let Mother Nature be your guide. Try working with her, and she will provide.   Eden’s dad, eager to exit the rat race, buys a farm. Eden is disappointed when the farm looks more like a factory than the country setting she imagined. With the animals and their future at stake, she must trust Mother Nature. While peering through the hole in their fence, Eden catches a glimpse of the natural beauty next door. She befriends Farmer Phil, who teaches her to observe. Through observation, Eden understands the plants and animals, but she doesn’t know what to do. Farmer Phil advises her to read from the book of nature. To save the farm, Eden must see that the problem is the solution. Farmer Phil’s Permaculture is a children’s picture story book suitable for ages 3-8, although the rhyming scheme also appeals to the younger crowd. With permaculture principles embedded throughout, and stunning artwork, practitioners of the sustainable design science won’t be disappointed. If you're interested in trying out the book for free, click the PDF link below and you can read the book in it's entirety. Enjoy!

Eden Lets the Chickens Out

 Amazon link to Farmer Phil's Permaculture
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