Fire the Landscaper Book Trailer and Free Download

My new book Fire the Landscaper is available on Amazon. As a gift to the few, the proud ... my subscribers, I am offering the book for free download on Amazon this Friday and Saturday, 9-11 and 9-12-2015. Also, if you are a Amazon prime member, or Kindle unlimited member, you can borrow it for free anytime. Below is the description and the Amazon link. Fire the Landscaper is a biting critique of current landscape design and maintenance practices. The book explores the health risks, cultural biases, origins, and the insults to Mother Nature caused by our culturally backed, legally enforced obsession with artificial monoculture representations of nature. The author, Phil Williams, is the former owner of a successful landscape company. He exposes the waste, fraud, and downright ridiculousness of an industry focused solely on aesthetics. Through his subsequent training as a permaculture designer, he offers many practical solutions aligned with nature to increase the health and productivity of landscapes, and the world by extension, while simultaneously reducing the workload of upkeep. Amazon Product Page for Fire the Landscaper
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