Grey Water Wetland & Silt Pond Project Video Part 2

September 26, 2014 by  
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See the 2nd part of the grey water wetland and silt pond project. Also see the waterfall spilling into the feature fish pond. 

In the video below I mention that I planted reeds for my cleanup plant. To be specific, it was variegated reed canary grass. This grass can be invasive. If you use COMMON REEDS, Phragmites australis, the roots can puncture a liner. I would recommend NOT using this type of reed. Incidentally, I recently pulled out the reed canary grass because of their invasive nature. I was concerned about the plant spreading into the bordering food forest, as this plant can grow in water and land. I replaced the plants with:

Juncus Effusus Spiralis: Corkscrew Rush
Scirpus Tabernaemontani: Zebra Rush
Iris Pseudacoris: Yellow Iris (This plant is not as good as the rushes for cleaning the water, so it cannot be a major part of the wetland)

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