Health and Safety (Part 10 Home Energy)

CO and moisture/mold are important concerns, in regard to health and safety, when looking at a house. You can always tell who has a wet basement when you drive by a house and see relatively new paint peeling off. This is from the vapor pressure of the moisture. Excess moisture will literally take years off the life of your home. There are many chronically ill people that live in a home that is making them sick. Do you feel healthy when you are away from your home, but sick while you are at home. If so, you may want to have your house checked for mold and mildew. Below is a list to help keep your house safe, healthy, and durable.

Living in a healthy home and avoiding mold and mildew:

  1. Avoid unvented space heaters
  2. Don't overcool the house in the summer
  3. Don't hang drying clothes inside
  4. Don't dry wood indoors (no storing firewood inside)
  5. Use kitchen and bath fans at least 3x the duration of shower or cooking or until the moisture is gone.
  6. Enhance room circulation with fans to avoid cold spots
  7. Avoid storing items against cold outside walls or in damp basements
  8. Avoid storing vulnerable materials in damp basements
  9. Run a humidistat equipped dehumidifier during summer in damp basements
  10. Additional pets and people add moisture; be aware of increased ventilation needs if adding occupants.
  11. New construction adds tremendous moisture to home for the first 2 years as materials are drying
  12. Make sure dryer is always vented outside
  13. Never store the following inside: paints, solvents, grease, oil, pesticides, gas equipment, kerosene space heaters
  14. Don’t warm your car up in the garage, if garage is attached to the house.
  15. Beware of too many house plants, as they can add a lot of moisture to the home
  16. Make sure drain pipes are functional and sent away from the foundation (also keep gutters clean)
  17. Have heating equipment professionally maintained

Mold in a Bathroom

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