How to plant sweet cucumbers

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Sweet cucumbers are a great addition to a summer salad. I will also be growing pickling cucumbers in a few weeks. The variety is "crystal apple", which is a unique apple shaped sweet cucumber. This is the perfect sweet salad cucumber.

Tools & materials needed?
Pointed hoe, metal rake, compost, cucumber seed


You should plant your cucumber seed in the late spring and early summer when the soil and air temperatures are warm. If you are in a cold climate, you may need to start your cucumbers in a heated greenhouse or grow them in cloches.

Soil type?

Cucumbers like heavily composted or manured moist soil, with lime.


Cucumber seed is a medium sized seed that requires a depth of 1/2 inch.


Cucumbers should be planted in 12 inch diameter, 4 inch high hills spaced 6 feet apart from the other hills in all directions. I plant 8 seeds in each hill, and thin to 4 plants in each hill when the dominant plants become obvious. I also try to get each plant to grow in a different direction so they don't get too tangled up with one another. You do need a fair amount of space to grow cucumbers, although you can grow them up to save space if you need to.

How to plant the seed?

1. I mulch my garden, so I first take my metal rake and pull the mulch away from the area I am going to make my hills.

2. I make 12 inch diameter hills that are 4 inches high with good organic compost set 6 feet apart from one another.

3. I plant 6 seeds ½ inch deep in each hill.

4. I lightly tamp the area with the back of the pointed hoe to connect the seed to the soil.

5. I push the mulch back over the planted area to inhibit weed growth. I am not worried about the watermelon seed making it through the mulch.

6. Water your seeds in. Make sure to keep the soil moist until germination.

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