How to Add Wheels to the Large Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop

I am a big fan of the paddock shift method of chicken keeping. This is where you move your chickens to fresh ground once a week, not returning to a single plot for at least a month. I have plans to raise 15 chickens that will graze between my food forest swales, where they will prepare the land for the native wildflower meadow I plan to plant between the swales.

Plastic Chicken Coop on Wheels

In order for my new larger Snap Lock Chicken Coop to work in the paddock shift, I need to add wheels so I can easily push it around. The main problem with chicken tractors is that they are heavy because they are made of wood. So typically even though they have wheels, they are still difficult to move around, as the heavy weight tends to make the wheels sink into the ground and get stuck. The great thing about the Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coops is that they are very lightweight, but they don’t come with wheels. However it is pretty easy to add wheels.


1. Build a 2x4 frame 36 inches by 39 inches. Make sure to pre-drill holes. I think it helps to hold the frame in place with clamps as you are drilling.


2. Add wheels to each corner. Again use the clamps to hold the wheels to the frame. Make sure to pre-drill. You can use most wheels here. The coop is light enough that inexpensive wheels will still work OK.


3. Add a small section of 2x4 to the middle so the coop doesn’t sag in the middle when it is sitting on the frame.

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