How to Divide & Transplant Chives

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Friday 9-21-2012

Chives were one of the first things I planted in my herb garden, and they have been extremely productive and carefree. With my new design, my existing herb garden will be moved to the beds along the front of my house to allow easier access to herbs while cooking. Also, chives make a great addition to a fruit tree guild as they provide insect repellant by masking smells, so I transplanted a bunch to my new fruit tree guilds that are in progress. Also, they provide grass suppression, but at the same time they do not compete with your fruit tree roots. 


1. Early fall, or early spring are good times to transplant and divide chives.


2. It is a good idea to dig the holes where the chives will be going to, lessen the amount of time that the roots of your chives are out of the ground. Add some water to the holes if the soil is dry.


3. Trim back your chives by 50%. This will lessen the transplant shock. Use a spade to dig up the chives you wish to transplant.


4. If you wish to divide, simply pull the chives apart, trying not to damage roots. In tight clumps this may involve a hand trowel.


5. Transplant your chives to the pre-made holes. You may need to enlarge or add soil to the holes as needed to fit. Plant your chives at the same depth, or slightly deeper than they were.


6. Water thoroughly. This is very important because the roots can dry out and die. If it is dry, water daily for the first week.

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