How to harvest asparagus

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Thursday 4-5-2012

This is my first asparagus harvest of the year. I really like asparagus, because it is the first vegetable of the year you can harvest outside.


I like to wait until the spears get about 6 inches high, although I will cut anything over 4 inches. I don’t like to let the spears get too high because the plant tends to get tougher the taller it gets. After cutting, they will grow back in 2-3 days. For mature plants of three years of age or more, you can cut asparagus from now until late June. After June, just let them grow, to be cut back in late fall when they yellow.


If you have just planted asparagus, don’t cut any asparagus the first year, until they yellow in the late fall. If you started with an older root stock, you can harvest the second year. If not, wait another year. In the third year you can harvest as soon as they get tall enough in April, but make sure to stop by late-June.


I use some good gardening scissors to cut the spears. It is a good idea to store them in the refrigerator upright in a shallow pool of water. They can be cooked, or eaten fresh in salad.



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