How to make an ‘A’ frame level

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Monday 7-2-2012

An ‘A’ frame level is a great way to find the contour lines on your property. This is especially handy if you would like to install swales, berms, and/or ditches to catch and hold water. It is really important that these water catching applications are built on contour.


Materials needed

(3) 2x3x8 pieces of wood

(1) 1x4x4

(5) deck screws

(1) Level

Velcro straps

Polystyrene padding

Gorilla tape


Tools needs

Drill with appropriate bits

Tape measure

Angle finder


How to assemble the ‘A’ frame

1. Take your (3) equal length pieces of 2x3x8 and set into an ‘A’. If you want a smaller ‘A’ frame you can use 2x3x6 lumber instead.


2. Measure to make sure the cross piece is straight with the equal amount of wood from the vertical pieces below in for each foot.


3. Measure the angle of the triangle to make sure it is even on each side.


4. Predrill your holes where the wood overlaps.


5. Install the deck screws in the pre-drilled holes.


6. Strap down your level on the cross brace with the bubble facing up so you can see it without bending over. Use velcro straps for this so you can easily take the level off if you need it for another project.


7. This is optional, but I also installed an upper cross brace with padding, so I could easily put the ‘A’ frame under my shoulder to move it. I used 8 foot pieces of wood, so it was very tall and a little heavy, but with the upper 1x4 cross brace it was no problem.


*More to come on how to use the ‘A’ frame. I need to mow my pasture before I begin mapping the contour lines on my property.

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