How to Make Sage Tea

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Tuesday 9-25-2012

My sage plants are looking really healthy these days with a lot of new growth. I like to make a tea out of the leaves. Most people would be really surprised at the multitude of benefits that can be derived from sage tea. In fact I really didn’t know how beneficial the tea is for you, until I did the research. I have been making the tea for a few years now, and I have mentioned to Denise on numerous occasions that I feel really good after drinking the tea. 


Benefits of Sage Tea

-To heal inflammations of the mouth

-Can help to break fevers

-Good for stomach and digestion

-Good for the liver and kidneys

-Helps with colds and sore throats

-Helps with joint pain


I actually have a sore throat that has been nagging me for a few days, so I will be trying this out on myself.


Making the Tea

1. Pick good leaves from your sage plant.


2. If you want to make the tea right away, simply pour boiling water over the leaves into your tea cup. Or you can put your leaves in a perforated tea globe to be inserted into your cup of boiling water. I like to add honey to my sage tea.


3. If you wish to preserve the tea, cut your leaves into tiny pieces and place into an air tight container. Cover the leaves with honey then seal the container. The sage tea will last quite a while this way. I use snap tight containers, that way it is easy to open and close the container for multiple uses.  

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