How to map contour lines with an ‘A’ frame level

Thursday 7-5-2012

On Monday’s blog post, I covered how to make an ‘A’ frame level. To recap, an ‘A’ frame level is used to map contour lines. A contour line is essentially a level line across your property. This is important to know if you wish to install swales, berms, ditches, or even hugel beds on contour to hold and store more water and minerals. The contour line is needed because if your swale, berm, or ditch is on contour you will hold the water much more effectively.


‘A’ frame level


Finding a contour line

1. Start at one end of your property, and set one foot of your level down, mark it with a flag or stake.


2. Move the other foot on your level until the ‘A’ frame is level. Then mark the other foot with a flag.


3. Move the level over so the first foot is on the second flag.


4. Then move the second foot again until the ‘A’ frame is level. Then mark the foot with a flag.


5. Keep going until you have marked the area that you need to mark for your project.


Contour Line marked with flags

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