How to Plant a Fall Garden

Tuesday 8-28-2012

It is fall garden planting time. Before you know it, the outdoor planting season will be over. Most people don’t realize that you can get some of your best crops in the fall. You are not dealing with near the pest or heat issues that you deal with in the summer, and certain crops thrive in cool weather.


The key to having a successful fall garden is to get the plants in the ground early, while it is still warm. This will allow the seeds to germinate quickly, and get established before the really cold weather sets in.


When is a good time to plant my fall garden seeds?

It really depends on when your first frost of the fall will occur, and how long the seed you are planting will take to reach maturity. The longer to maturity, the earlier you should plant, but the vegetables that mature quicker can be planted later.  To get a rough idea of when to plant, please read the guide below. Please bear in mind that you must know the maturity dates of your plants and adjust accordingly.


Fall Planting Dates

Zone 4 Mid-July

Zone 5 Early August

Zone 6 Mid-August

Zone 7 Early September

Zone 8 Mid-September


What types of plants are good choices for a fall garden?

I am in a temperate climate, so we do have cold winters and a cool fall season, so I am looking for plants that are cold hardy. Below is a list of some of the plants I like to plant in my fall garden.
















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