How to Plant Onion Sets

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Monday 3-19-2012


What are onion sets?

Onion sets are basically small onions that are planted in the early spring so you can have some decent sized onions throughout the season. 


Why not just plant onion seed?

You could certainly do that, but if you plant onion seed in the spring, chances are you will get very small onions. If you want to plant onion seed, do that in the early Fall to be harvested the next season. I have some onion seed growing from last fall that is far ahead of my sets at this point.


Tools you need?

I use a pointed hoe, and a metal rake, but this could be done with just a small garden trowel.


Soil type onions prefer?

Well drained, richly composted, medium loam.


Companions onions love?



Companions that love onions?




Planting depth?

The rule of planting depth applies here, so 3 times the depth of the thickness of the seed or bulb. Don’t worry about being perfect. This is typically an inch to 1.5 inches deep.



I like to put them fairly close together, as I start harvesting pretty quickly, and this allows the remaining to take up the space, so I put them 2-3 inches apart. If you are going to wait for really large onions, put them 6 inches apart.


Planting how to?

You can simply make 1 inch or so small holes and place the bulbs in the holes. I have a drip irrigation setup, so I plant them along the lines. The easiest way for me to do this quickly is to make a trench pointed hoe, and place the bulbs in the trench root system down, then rake the compost back over them. It’s a good idea to water them in the first couple of weeks. Don’t overdo it though every other day is plenty starting out. Obviously rain cancels your watering chores.



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