How to plant radishes

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Friday 3-30-2012

What are radishes?

Radishes are a fast growing root crop that is typically used in salads. I am growing a sweet red globe variety, but other varieties may be white, purple, or even black in color. The taste can range from the sweet to the pungent.


Tools needed?

Metal rake, pointed hoe, and the radish seed

Soil type for radishes?

Will grow in most soil types, but do not like acid. If needed, add lime to area where radishes will grow at least a month in advance.


Companions that love radishes?

Eggplant, lettuce, squash, and cucumber



You can plant radishes as soon as the soil is warm enough to dig. Very early spring is good timing. They like cool weather, so you can also plant them in late summer for a fall crop as well.



Radish seed is a medium sized seed that requires a depth of ½ inch.



I put them about an inch apart. As they grow, I like to harvest the bigger radishes first giving space for the others to grow into. This gives me a longer radish season with less space used up.


How to plant the seed?

1. I mulch my garden, so I first rake the mulch away from the area I am going to plant.


2. I make a ½ inch trench along my irrigation line with my pointed hoe.


3. I drop the seed in the trench 1 inch apart.


4. I gently rake only the soil back over the trench with the back of the metal rake.


5. I lightly tamp the area with the back of the rake to connect the seed to the soil.


6. I rake a light amount of mulch to suppress the weeds. I will rake the rest of the mulch back over after I have germination and some height on the plants.


7. Water your seeds in. Make sure to keep the soil moist until germination.


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