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Monday 5-14-2012

The variety of corn I am planting is called “Golden Bantam”. I have had good success growing this corn variety. It is extremely productive, grows enormously tall corn stalks, and produces beautiful bright yellow corn kernels. I freeze a lot of my crop, and it does preserve well this way. I plant three different varieties of corn, and I space them out a few weeks apart, to give me more access to fresh corn.


Tools & materials needed?

Pointed hoe, metal rake, corn seed



You should plant your corn in the late spring after the danger of frost has passed. It has a long growing season, so you should try to get your corn in the ground pretty soon after your last frost date.


Soil type?

Corn will grow in most soils with good drainage. Corn is a very greedy feeder, so be sure to give it plenty of compost.


Companions corn loves?

Legumes, cucurbit family, geranium, sunflowers, potato, amaranth



Corn seed is a large sized seed that requires a depth of 1 inch. 



I put corn seed about a foot apart. The seed being so large, it is easy to place them pretty accurately apart. I will be planting my corn together in blocks with cucumbers and beans. This will be covered later this week, however if you wish to grow in rows or blocks, below is how to do it.


How to plant the seed?

1. I mulch my garden, so I first take my metal rake and pull the mulch away from the area I am going to plant.


2. If you are row planting, make sure you have at least 5 rows to aid in pollination, if you do not, it is advisable to plant in blocks.


3. I make a 1 inch deep trench with my pointed hoe.


4. I drop the seed in the trench about a foot apart.


5. I gently push the soil (not the mulch) back over the trench with the backside of my metal rake.


6. I lightly tamp the area with the back of the pointed hoe to connect the seed to the soil.


7. I push the mulch back over the planted area. I am not worried about the corn seed making it through the mulch.


8. Water your seeds in. Make sure to keep the soil moist until germination.

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