How to Preserve Bell Peppers

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Friday 9-28-2012

Red bell pepper is my favorite vegetable for eating fresh. Normally, Denise and I eat these so quickly that I never get a chance to preserve them. This is the first year we have had such a surplus that I have preserved some. The great thing about peppers is that they are really easy to preserve in the freezer.


1. Pick firm peppers of good quality. Green, red, or any color in between is fine.


2. Wash your peppers.


3. Cut out the seeds and stem, and cut your peppers into any shape that you like. I cut them into strips.


4. Place your peppers into a freezer zip-lock bag. Use a straw to remove as much of the air as possible. Then place them in the freezer. You can vacuum seal the peppers. I typically use the zip-lock bags for peppers as the vacuum pack bags are fairly expensive.


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