How to Preserve Raspberries (Flash Freezing)

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Tuesday 9-11-2012

At this time of year, I am harvesting tons of fruit. So, I am trying to put away as much fruit as I can for the winter in the easiest way possible, given the time constraints of the harvest season. My raspberry canes will start producing in early June, and won’t stop until late-October, but early-September is the heavy production time. I will 3 or 4 quarts of raspberries each day during this time.


The great thing about raspberries is that they are super easy to preserve by freezing.


1. Wash your berries, and dry them in a colander.


2. Add them to a freezer zip-lock bag. You can also use food saver bags, but you would need to freeze the berries before freezing as they are too watery to seal properly unfrozen. I find regular freezer zip-lock bags work fine for raspberries.


3. Try to remove as much as air as possible through a straw.


4. Place in freezer.

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One Comment on "How to Preserve Raspberries (Flash Freezing)"

  1. Mark on Fri, 14th Sep 2012 8:58 pm 

    If those were my berries, they would never make it to the freezer. I bet they wouldn’t last more than a couple hours in my house. They look great!

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