How to Preserve Soybeans, Edamame (Flash Freezing)

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Friday 8-24-2012

I had a ton of soybeans ripen at the same time, so I decided to flash freeze them. You can certainly dry soybeans, but if you want to eat them as edamame, freezing is the best way to preserve them. You really should blanch your soybeans before freezing them because it stops the enzymes which cause the loss of flavor and nutrients. See below for instructions.


1. Wash your soybeans pod and all.


2. Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil.


3. Place your soybeans into the pot pod and all. The pot will stop boiling, but when it starts to boil again, leave the soybeans in for 3 minutes while boiling.


5. Dump soybeans out into a colander, then immediately into an ice water bath for 3 minutes.


6. Put the soybeans back into the colander, and place a towel under the colander to catch water as you shuck the pods.


7. Shuck your soybeans. This means to remove the beans from the pods. The pods are not edible. They should come out easily, because the pods soften after boiling.


8. Place your soybeans into a vacuum pack freeze and steam bag, and vacuum pack, then place in the freezer. You can also use freezer zip lock bags. These will not keep the soybeans quite as fresh, and you will want to remove the air as best you can with a straw before placing in the freezer.


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