How to Save Pepper Seed

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Thursday 9-13-2012

I like to save pepper seed because it is one of the easiest seeds to save. Pepper flowers are perfect flowers. This means that both the male and female parts are present in the flower, and are therefore capable of self-pollination.


Cross-pollination is a very common occurrence amongst pepper plants. Cross-pollination is when an insect pollinates a pepper plant from pollen collected from a different variety of pepper. This could result in a spicy bell pepper. To avoid cross-pollination, you can cage your peppers to avoid insect pollination, or you can isolate your peppers by keeping different varieties at least 100 feet away. I prefer to isolate, which isn’t a big problem for me, because I typically only grow bell peppers. I don’t like caging, because even though peppers have perfect flowers, you may have to hand-pollinate to induce fruit set. That is too much work!


Steps to save pepper seed

1. Identify your strongest plants, and mark them so you know which peppers to save seed from. Make sure to isolate or cage.


2. Take a fully ripe pepper from your previously identified strong plants to save seed from. Green peppers are not ripe! Interestingly, most people around the world do not view green peppers as suitable to eat. Green peppers are really only part of American cuisine.


3. Cut the sides off the pepper, taking care not to cut the seeds in the middle. The stem and the mass of seeds should be left.


4. Rub the seeds off into a container. The seeds should be relatively clean.


5. Put seeds in a single layer on a paper towel in a cool dry place.


6. After seeds are dry, place in an envelope a put them in a cool, dark, dry place. You can tell that the seeds are dry, if you try to bend them and they break.


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