How to tell if a Watermelon is Ripe

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Tuesday 8-7-2012

I have heard of quite a few different ways to tell if a watermelon is ripe. Up until now, I have always just knocked on the watermelon in different places, and if it sounded hollow, it was usually ripe. I say usually, because I have been wrong, and wasted a perfectly good watermelon by picking it too early. I have also wasted a perfectly good watermelon, by picking it too late. I have since found a slightly more reliable method. I say slightly, because it is not necessarily fool proof. If you check the tendril that is closest to your melon, it should be completely brown. If so, it is usually ripe. There is also a small leaf called the spoon very close to the melon as well. This should also be completely brown. Sometimes the tendril and spoon have fallen off, which means it is definitely ripe, or maybe too ripe.

Brown tendril and spoon, watermelon is ripe

Tendril still green, let it grow


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