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Thursday 5-10-2012

With highs in 70’s today and nighttime temperatures over 55 for the extended forecast, I thought it would be a good time to transplant my tomato plants that I have been hardening off over the past week.



Tomatoes should be planted out after the danger of a frost has past, when soil and air temperatures are warm.



I have been growing three varieties of tomatoes in my greenhouse since early March.

1. “Amish paste” was originally acquired from the Amish near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This productive tomato will grow bright red fruits up to an ounce in weight.

2. “Lemon Drop” is a yellowish green cherry tomato that has a wonderfully fresh tart and sweet flavor. –3. ”Stupice” I have had great success with this variety. It does well in cool weather and produces some great tasting cherry tomatoes.


Tools and materials needed?

Metal rake, shovel, hand trowel, tomato plants, tomato cages, water


Soil type preferred?

Tomatoes prefer well drained, well composted soil in a sunny spot.


Companions tomatoes love?

Marigolds, geraniums, onions, chives, carrots, oregano


Companions that love tomatoes?

Peppers, and asparagus


How far apart to plant tomatoes?

2-3 feet apart is good spacing. I plant them 2’ apart.



Tomatoes will need support. It is best to install the support as soon as you transplant your tomatoes, before they need support, because if you install the supports later when they need it, you will disturb their established root system. I use tomato cages for support.


How to plant tomatoes?


1. Rake mulch back and set out plants 2-3 feet apart.


2. Dig the hole 2-3 times wider than the pot, and plant the tomato slightly deeper than it was in the pot.


3. Place plant into the hole to make sure it is the desired depth.


4. Make sure roots are not root bound in the pot. If so massage roots to loosen.


5. Place plant in hole and backfill with the existing soil.


6. Push mulch back


7. Install tomato cage


8. Give the plants a thorough watering to enhance establishment.


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