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Thursday 3-22-2012

With the warmer than usual weather, I decided to get my irrigation system up and running.


Pump to go in cistern                                                                     Irrigation controls and filters


Inside the cistern                                                                             with the pump installed


Type of irrigation system?

I have an automatic drip system or soaker hose system. The drip irrigation is fed through a pump at the bottom of a 1000 gallon concrete cistern that is buried in the front yard. (If you are considering doing this, get at least a 2000 gallon tank, mine goes dry after a couple of days of irrigation and no rain.) The cistern is fed water through the downspouts from the house that are buried and run to the tank. There is an overflow that will route the excess water under the garden and out at the top of a slope via a pop-up emitter.


Pros of the drip system?

-great for conserving water, very little water wasted due to runoff or evaporation

-No spreading fungal spores like typical overhead systems do through the splashing of water

-Relatively inexpensive compared to typical underground sprinkler system


Cons of the drip system?

-If you want to add compost, or till, or run animals through your plots, you have to take up all the soaker hoses, then you have to put them all back. (I do this every year, and it is time consuming)

-The ends of the soaker hose tend to pop off, creating a flood if you are not paying attention. I crimp the ends and bury them to alleviate the pressure.

-With freezing and thawing, it will push your stakes out of the ground and loosen the soaker hoses. This can be a pain, because you have to go back and re-pound all the stakes into the ground. I have alleviated some of this, by waiting until the last moment to reinstall the soaker hoses.


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