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Wednesday 4-4-2012

I use a chicken tractor for my chickens, which is basically just a coop on wheels. I originally purchased the tractor because I did not want pest pressures to build in one spot, and I wanted my chickens to be able to graze fresh grass every day, without worrying about whether or not they were going to get into areas I did not want them to get into. The last thing you want is for the chickens to get into your vegetable garden, for a neighbor’s dog to get ahold of one of them, or even for a hawk to scoop one up.


This was adequate for a while, but as the chickens grew, they became more destructive on the land. My tractor has 16 square feet of grazing area, but that was not enough for 5 full grown chickens. I was moving my coop two, sometimes three times a day. Also, they seemed bored. My first fall and winter with my chickens, I really wanted them to graze my vegetable garden, so they could eat all the bugs, leftover veggies, and fertilize. My chicken clean-up crew did a fantastic job with my garden, and the next season, I had my best garden ever. The problem was that the garden, like all good gardens, had very soft soil. My coop on wheels was literally stuck in the mud. I finally had to use wooden planks just to get through. At one point I broke the front wheels off my coop, when it got stuck in one of the chicken’s dust bathing holes. At this point, I knew I needed to come up with something better.


I love the idea of using my chickens to help me garden. They love to be busy too. I needed a moveable chicken run that could be attached to my chicken coop, and provide a lot more space. I tried to find one to buy, but there was nothing appealing available. The closest product was a 30 square foot little run on wheels, but it was over $400, and you were supposed to move it around all day.


I tried a couple of different ideas, that didn’t work that well, until I came up with my lightweight, modular, pod system. It took me some more time to find the perfect sizing for my pods and the perfect materials to make it durable, lightweight, versatile(can be different shapes), long lasting, and inexpensive per square foot of run space. The chicken run I came up with can be used to increase the grazing area of chicken tractors, and stationary chicken coops.    


The below picture is my chicken run. The chickens love it so much, that I named it “The Chicken Fun Run”. The first time I let them out into the run they were well, chicken at first, but as soon as they got into the run, they started running and flapping their wings. Now they squawk in disapproval when I lock them out of the run, to move the run, which is only once a week now, not twice a day. As a chicken owner, I was so pleased with this invention, that I patented it, perfected it, and now it is for sale at or I would love to help you make your chickens healthier and happier, and ease some of your garden chores at the same time.

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