New Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop for 15 Chickens

As many of you know, I am a big fan of The Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop. I have been using my coop to house (5) hens for about six months now, and it has worked perfectly in my permaculture system of paddock shift. You can buy one here if you like. Membership discounts do apply, but make sure you are logged in for the discounts to work! Click on this link to buy Chicken Coop Larger

Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop (15 Birds)

I have plans to raise a larger flock that will graze in a paddock shift method between my food forest swales, where they will prepare the land for the native wildflower meadow I plan to plant between the swales. I will move them with electro-net fencing and a good lightweight moveable coop that can hold 15 chickens.

Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop (15 Birds)

Formex recently released a larger version of their Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop that can house 15 chickens. I received mine via Fed-Ex. So, no need to go to a freight terminal and rent a U-Haul, it came right to my door in a manageable box. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to put it together. It would have been much quicker, but I had a little trouble getting the roof on. I was having trouble getting it to snap into place because I bent a corner of the plastic and it was catching. After filing the plastic down where it was catching, it snapped into place. I would recommend that you use a rubber mallet to help get the pieces to snap into place.

Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop (15 Birds)

After getting my coop put together and getting a closer look, these are my initial conclusions:

-The coop will last forever, no need to worry about the chickens destroying the coop or the wood rotting.

-No maintenance is needed, unlike any wood coop.

-You can in fact fit 15 full sized chickens in this coop, although I bet you could actually get 20-25 in there if you are doing broilers and don’t have to worry about nesting space.

-The chickens will really like the high roosting bars.

-You will have much reduced mite problems than a wooden coop.

-Clean-up is super easy with the pull out trays.

-If you want to move this coop around, it is light enough that cheap wheels on a 36 inch by 39 inch wooden frame will work fine.

Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop (15 Birds)

***The original Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop is a great little coop for 5 birds, but for bigger flocks it’s not practical to have multiple coops. The new larger Snap Lock Plastic Chicken Coop is the answer for larger flocks. It solves the issues of affordability, durability, mites, its lightweight, easy to clean, can be used in winter without heat, and it’s easy to move if you add wheels.  I am really impressed with this coop! I highly recommend it to anyone with a flock size of 7-18 chickens.

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