Permaculture Design (First Draft)

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Wednesday 8-1-2012

I put together a first draft of my permaculture design. Below is the before and after with some explanation of the design features.


Existing Zone 1 Garden

Zone 1 Garden after with conceptual changes

Zone 1 Garden Features

1. I moved my herb garden to be inter-planted amongst my existing non-edible shrubs and flowers to have easier access for harvest as needed while cooking.


2. I will paddock shift my chickens within a larger chicken forage area. The chicken forage area doubles as the orchard and food forest areas. There will be two small flocks so we will not be eggless during transition times for flocks, and for easier access to forage. Both flocks will service the zone 1 gardens in front of them during fallow times. The chicken forage on the right side connects with the food forest just outside the gate.


3. Keyhole to allow more planting surface and add interest. Pathways to be Dutch white clover.


4. Keyhole beds to add more planting surface, add interest, and sun traps. Pathways to be Dutch white clover.


5. Greenhouse and shed existing.


6. Mowable meadow.


7. Soft fruit.

Existing pasture area

Pasture area after (Conceptual) 

Pasture area

Wild Area: Wild areas will be extended along the borders of the property to enhance privacy, lessen the chance of county issues, water runoff, and provide more natural habitat.


Food Forest: Trees connected by a net and pan drainage system with boomerang swales. Supporting species also installed to complete food forest.


Noise Break Berm: Berm installed to stop 80% of road noise, help stop road pollution from entering the property, and enhance privacy. Berm is to be planted with evergreen tree species and a good berm holding groundcover. The bend in the upper berm is to allow the water to drain down the road as it currently does. No edible species here.


Neighbor’s zone 1 garden: I gave my neighbor a piece of my property to garden, as they have little sun. They have a great garden now, so I must leave that area without too much shade and trees.


Food Forest/ Chicken Forage: This area connects to the chicken forage of my zone 1 garden. Trees will be connected by a net and pan drainage system with boomerang swales. Supporting species also installed to complete food forest.


Native wildflower meadow: A native wildflower meadow will be installed to add habitat for insects, birds, and other beneficial wildlife, and also to reduce need to mow as often.


Hugelkultur pick your own produce: Six foot tall raised beds over wood installed in a maze on contour to allow a pick your own produce setup where kids can pick from the bottom, and adults can pick from the top. Maze allows starting and ending point to be the same.


Windbreak: Deciduous windbreak to be installed to stop strong easterly wind from the garden and chicken area. The trees can also provide chicken forage as nuts and fruit fall into forage area.

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