Pests on strawberries

Friday 4-20-2012

People are not the only creatures that love strawberries. They have tons of natural predators, and eventually they will take up residence in your strawberry patch. The biggest disappointment is finding that perfectly large and ripe strawberry, only to find a chunk eaten out of it. Insects such as slugs, lygus bugs, thrips, bud weevils, and the strawberry sap beetles are notorious strawberry pests, not to mention the myriad of fruit, crown, root, and leaf diseases that also plague the plant. My strawberry patch is four years old, but it keeps growing and producing new plants and more strawberries. I have been pretty neglectful of my patch up to now, and I still get a good yield, but I do give up berries to pests. I have tried the beer in cleaned out tuna cans dug into the soil so it is level. I have not been happy with the results, as you do catch slugs, but you have to constantly refill your traps, and beer is expensive. I am researching and working on incorporating different cultural practices to help my plants without spraying. Stay tuned.


My strawberry patch

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