Radish Recipe (Roasted with garlic)

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Wednesday 5-23-2012

My wife prepares a lot of our radishes this way. I was not a big fan of radishes until we started cooking them this way. The radishes end up with almost a smoky apple/ bacon taste. It’s an excellent way to use a lot of radishes, as they cook down quite a bit.



Radishes (Cut and halved)

Olive oil (You can substitute butter if you prefer)

Salt & Pepper


Minced garlic



1. Put aluminum foil in a baking pan

2. Put olive oil or butter on foil

3. Put your cut and halved radishes in the foil

4. Add minced garlic

5. Add salt, pepper, and sugar

6. Fold over foil to cover

7. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes


Ready to cook                                                                            Cover before baking


***A special thanks to my wife Denise for the recipe.

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