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Friday 8-17-2012

Towards the end of the summer it is usually difficult to have good lettuce on hand. At this point, given the heat of the summer most of my lettuce has bolted, making them bitter. I do have a plethora of cucumbers and tomatoes though. You can actually make a pretty good tasting salad with these ingredients.





Almonds (Toasted tastes great, but not necessary)

Dressing (Any type of vinaigrette or Italian dressing will work, but we made a dressing with oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, garlic, oregano, and honey that was really good)


How to prepare

1. Slice your tomatoes and cucumbers into bite sized pieces.


2. Add your almonds.


3. Add your dressing. (If you are going to eat all the salad within 48 hours, you can add the dressing right away, because the tomatoes and cucumbers don’t drown in it like lettuce does.)

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