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Friday 6-29-2012

Lemon balm is in the mint family, and looks similar to mint, but grows a little more bunched. It also has a strong lemony flavor that is great as tea. The tea has a calming effect and is good for an upset stomach. It is also a great beneficial insect attractor. I have been growing my lemon balm for three years now, but I have never harvested it until today. My wife is not a big fan of it, so we typically drink mint tea, but with Denise out of town, I will be living the bachelor life with my lemon balm tea! I know you can drink it as hot tea, but it is 93 degrees today, so I made it as iced tea. 


Lemon balm contained between my patio and walkway (Mint topside)



Lemon balm leaves





1. Put lemon balm leaves in your coffee filter.

2. Put water in your coffee maker, and start brewing.

3. When done brewing, add lemon balm tea to a pitcher and add sugar to taste. You can also add ice here. I just top off my pitcher with cold water, mix my sugar, put it in the fridge, and start to drink when it’s cold. If you like a stronger taste, don’t add the additional water.



I’m a big fan of mint tea, but the lemon balm made a nice refreshing summer drink. I would give it a very close second to the mint tea. I think it’s worth growing mint and lemon balm, just put them in a contained space, as they will take over.

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