Recipe (Tomato Based Vegetable Soup)

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Tuesday 8-21-2012

One of the ways we like to use our tomatoes and some of our other vegetables, is to make a tomato based vegetable soup.



Tomatoes (Preferably heirloom paste type tomatoes)



Green and Red Peppers


Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

Fresh Basil

Fresh Oregano


Balsamic Vinegar



Lemon Juice



1. Wash and cut all your vegetables and ingredients except for the tomatoes, and cover and place in the fridge for later use.


2. (Remove the tomato skins) Boil a large pot of water. When a rolling boil is achieved, put your tomatoes in the pot. The pot will stop boiling, but when it starts to boil again, leave the tomatoes in for 1 minute.


3. Dump the tomatoes into a colander, then into a large bowl of ice water for 1 minute. Then put the tomatoes back into the colander.


4. The skins will now be loose. Remove the skins from the tomatoes. I do not do this, but some people also squeeze the seeds out at this point.


5. Get a new pot and place on your cooktop. Put olive at the bottom of the pot, and turn up to medium heat for 2 minutes.


6. Place garlic, onions, salt, and pepper in your pot, and allow the vegetables to cook for 4 minutes on medium heat.


7. Put in your whole tomatoes without skins.


8. Put in your cut vegetables, herbs.


9. Add a ¼ cup of lemon juice to your pot. (This is really important if you plan on canning, as the lemon juice helps to prevent botulism.)


10. Bring your soup to a boil. Then turn the heat down to a simmer for 45 minutes. Your soup is then ready to eat, or it is ready to go into jars for the water bath canning. See my article titled “Canning (Tomato Based Vegetable Soup)” if you wish to can your soup.


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