Remove tarp from chicken coop floor

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Tuesday 3-13-2012

My chickens live in an insulated moveable chicken tractor. For most of the year the floor is a grid that allows for much of the manure to fall through the floor. I catch the manure with a sheet of plywood under the coop. This limits the amount of manure in the pen area, and I get use of the great fertilizer. In the winter it gets too cold to have air coming up through the floor. I put a tarp down that is exactly sized to the floor, which will now stop the air, and allow their manure along with their body heat to heat the coop without supplemental heat. They are perfectly fine in the PA winter this way. I do shake out the tarp in my compost pile every couple of weeks. Given the warm weather, it is going to be 70 today, I am removing their tarp. If we get some freezing nights in the near future, I may have to put it back in.

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