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I’m very pleased to announce that I will be carrying seed. Seed Savers is a fantastic organization that is preserving our seed heritage. I’ve personally been using seed from Seed Savers for six years, with excellent results. Seed prices are identical to the seed savers website, but I’m also offering FREE shipping to the lower 48 regardless of quantity. This can be a huge savings for those of you ordering small amounts of seed. Also, discounts do apply for members of the garden club for additional savings.

Food Production Seed Pack

Food Production Seed Pack

Below is a listing of the seed I will be carrying and why. These are all varieties that I use in my own garden.


Basil “Lettuce Leaf” (250) Seeds. Classic large leaved Italian basil. Sturdy 18-24” plants. Annual. Fresh basil is a must have herb in any garden and kitchen. I dry whatever we don’t use fresh. 


Bean “Climbing French” (50) Seeds. This was once the most widely grown French climbing bean in England. Lilac flowers, 4-7” stringless pods. Excellent for fresh eating. Nitrogen fixer, pole habit, snap. 65-75 days.


Bean “Pencil Pod Golden Wax” (50) Seeds. Old-time favorite introduced in 1900. Excellent quality stringless pods 5-7” long with delicious wax bean flavor. Bush variety, great N-fixing companion plant, yellow pods. I have had great success with this bean. Tastes great and is very productive. 50-65 days.


Bean “Purple Podded Pole” (50) Seeds. Heirloom variety discovered by Henry Fields in the 1930’s in an Ozark garden. Plants climb vigorously to 6’ tall, and very productive. High quality, meaty, stringless, 5-7” reddish purple pods that blanch to light green. Great for harvesting in a three sister’s garden, because they are easy to see. Pole habit, snap, nitrogen fixer, 68 days.


Beet “Burpees Golden” (100) Seeds. Won’t bleed like red beets. Tender and mild roots even when large, with sweet flavorful leaves. Globe shaped roots are bright orange, turning golden yellow when cooked. 50-55 days.


Broccoli “Calabrese” (100) Seeds. The best broccoli I’ve ever had. Popular market variety brought to America by Italian immigrants in the 1880’s. Beautiful tight blue heads can grow up to 8” in diameter. Will keep producing after main head is cut. 58-90 days from transplant.


Calendula “Mixture” (25) Seeds. My favorite border and companion plant. This edible flower is great for borders, and is an excellent self-seeding annual. Help bring in pollinators, and confuse pests.


Carrot “Dragon” (250) Seeds. The most refined purple carrot available. Beautiful purplish-red exterior and yellow-orange interior. Amazing contrast when sliced. Sweet, almost spicy. 90 days.

Dragon Carrots

Dragon Carrots

Carrot “St. Valery” (250) Seeds. My favorite carrot. Fine grained red-orange roots grow up to 12” long. Very productive, sweet, and excellent for storage. 80-90 days.


Corn “Stowells Evergreen” (100) Seeds. The best sweet corn I’ve ever grown, bar none. I stopped growing some nice varieties because I liked this one so much. In the early 1800’s after years of refining this strain, Natanial Newman Stowell sold two ears of seed for $4.00 to a friend who agreed to use it only for his private use. His “friend” then sold the seed for $20,000. Stowell’s variety is still the leading white sweet corn for home gardens and market growers. 8-9” ears. 1-2 ears per stalk. 80-100 Days.


Cucumber “Crystal Apple” (25) Seeds. Excellent tasting sweet cucumber that looks like a green apple. Great for market or home gardeners. Once very popular in Australia and New Zealand. 65 days.


Eggplant “Diamond” (25) Seeds. This eggplant has been a solid fixture in my garden for five years. Collected in the Ukraine. Fruits are set in clusters of 4-6 on 2’ tall plants. Highly productive, beautiful glossy purple skin, great tasting. 70 days from transplant.


Eggplant “Rosa Bianca” (25) Seeds. Stunning Italian heirloom. Lavender pink, 4-6” round fruits with creamy white shading. Mild in flavor and rarely bitter. Well suited for all of your cooking needs, great for eggplant parmesan. 70-85 days from transplant.


Gourd “Mixture” (25) Seeds. Beautiful diverse ornamental gourd mixture of Cou-Tors Hative, Orange Warted, Ten Commandments, Nest Egg, Flat Striped, Striped Pear, Orange Ball, Spinning Gourd, and Warted Mixture. Great for fall decorating, eating, roadside stands, and crafts. 90-100 Days.


Kale “Red Russian” (100) Seeds. Originally from Siberia. One of the hardiest and most tender of all kales. Beautiful purple-veined blue-green leaves tinged with reddish-purple. Vigorous 18-36” plants. Mild, sweet flavor. 50-60 days from transplant.


Leek “Blue Solaise” (100) Seeds. Beautiful 19th century French heirloom with truly blue colored leaves that turn violet after a cold spell. Very large 15-20” sweet, flavorful stalks, hardy. 100-120 days from transplant.


Lettuce “Mixture SSE” (500) Seeds. The best lettuce mixture I’ve ever had. A well-balanced mixture of cutting lettuces. Australian Yellowleaf, Forellenschluss, Pablo, Red Velvet, and at least four more favorites from Seed Savers. 40-45 days.

Lettuce Mix

Lettuce Mix

Melon “Petit Gris de Rennes” (25) Seeds. La crème de la crème of French cantaloupes. First noted in the garden of the Bishop of Rennes nearly 400 years ago. Sweet orange flesh reminiscent of brown sugar.         2-3 pound fruits. 80-85 days.


Nasturtium “Black Velvet” (25) Seeds. Intense velvety black flower, edible leaves, great pest confuser. Good companion for your vegetable crops.


Onion “Long Red Florence” (100 Seeds) Fantastic, rare Italian heirloom. Mild and sweet. My favorite onion. Best for fresh eating. I had good luck planting these in the fall, and harvesting late spring. 100-120 days from transplant.


Onion “Yellow of Parma” (100 Seeds) Top quality Italian heirloom. Large golden globes that keep well. I had good luck planting these in the fall, and harvesting late spring. 110 days from transplant.


Pea “Amish Snap” (100 seeds) Nitrogen fixer, delicate and sweet even when seeds develop. Grown in Amish community long before present snap types. Yields over a six week period if kept picked. 60-70 days.


Pepper “Wisconsin Lakes” (50 Seeds) The best tasting sweet pepper I’ve ever had. Excellent sweet bell. 4-6 oz. fruits Ripen green to red. 75-85 days to transplant.


Pepper “Purple Beauty” (50 Seeds) Tender crisp texture, mild sweet flavor. Holds purple for long time. 70-75 days from transplant.


Radish “Watermelon” (250 Seeds) Pink and white flesh surprisingly sweet, crisp, and refreshing. 50-60 days.  


Shallot “Zebrine” (100 seeds) French heirloom, bulbs sweet and mild, a must for gourmet cooking. Good keeper. 100 days from transplant.


Soybean “Shirofumi” (50 Seeds) Very productive. Excellent large green seeds. Great for edamame. 80-90 days.


Spinach “Bloomsdale” (250 Seeds) Dark green, fine quality, tender, excellent flavor. Still tastes pretty good even when it starts to bolt. 39-60 days.


Spinach Bolting

Squash Zucchini “Black Beauty” (25 Seeds) Compact summer squash, everbearing bush, good for freezing or fresh.  Great for quick production of summer squash. 45-65 days.


Squash “PA Dutch Crookneck” (25 Seeds) The most productive, bulletproof squash I’ve ever grown. Squash bugs be damned. I had tons of squash bugs last year, but this squash didn’t care. It grew faster than they could eat. Excellent keeper. It’s very easy to cut the neck into rings. 100-110 days.


Squash “Waltham Butternut” (25 Seeds) Exceptional keeper, yellow-orange flesh, AAS winner 1970. High yielding vines. 3-6 pound fruits. Very tasty, nutty flavor. 83-100 days.


Tomato “German Pink” (50 Seeds) The first tomato I ever grew. I tried many, but I keep coming back to the German Pink because it is so productive, with a full sweet flavor that is so versatile for fresh eating, freezing, or canning. If you are only going to grow one tomato, this is the one. Indeterminate, 85 days from transplant.


Tomato “Lemon Drop” (25 Seeds) The best fresh salad tomato I’ve ever had. Has a slight lemony taste. ½” yellow-green  cherry tomatoes. Very productive, indeterminate. 80-90 days from transplant.


Watermelon “Mountain Sweet Yellow” (25 Seeds) The best tasting watermelon I’ve ever had. 20-35 pound oblong fruits, dark and light green stripes. Firm yellow flesh, black seeds. Very productive, very sweet. 95-100 days.

Yellow Watermelon

Watermelon “Orangeglo” (25 Seeds) Boasts fiery, orange flesh that is sugary, delicious, and crisp. Large oblong fruits average 25 pounds. Reliable producer. 90-100 days

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