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Wednesday 7-18-2012

If you are going to do a permaculture design for your site, it is a good idea to draw a map to scale of your existing property and landscape. Based on my site map, some things that I should consider are listed below.

·         Too much road noise from the west side of the property, maybe install a berm here

·         Not enough trees, and trees not mature enough yet

·         A lot of wind blowing west to east across the property, and from the north to south in the winter. Install a windbreak.

·         Too much sun, not many places for plants or animals to hide, I need to install more trees.

·         Big pasture area to mow, maybe convert some areas to wild, some to food forest, and some to a wildflower meadow, and just mow pathways.

·         Too much mowing to do around the house as well, convert lawn to mowable meadow, that is mowed infrequently.

·         Too much weeding to do in the current setup, I would like to use more living mulches

·         Pathways take up too much space in my zone 1 garden, too straight. Pathways could be dutch white clover.

·         My trees are all by themselves, very monoculture. Add supporting species of groundcovers, shrubs, trees, and herbaceous layer.

·         A lot of materials have to be trucked in for a big install, not much on site sources of compost or wood in great quantity.

·         Despite being surrounded by farms, and even though it used to be an orchard, the property is zoned residential. This limits some of my desires for more livestock. I am going to talk to the zoning department to see if I can get it changed. My permaculture design may help.

·         Some of my neighbors below me are sensitive to any construction on site given that the runoff is their problem.

Existing Pasture


Zone 1 garden existing

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