How to transplant St Johns Wort?

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Thursday 5-3-2012

St Johns Wort is a fantastic herb for medicinal uses. It is great for treating depression naturally. In Germany eight times as many patients take St Johns Wort for mild depression as prozac. It can be used as a tea by drying the leaves and flowers. The red oil from the plant can also be used on wounds, and sunburns to aid healing, and taken internally it can help stomach ulcers. On the downside, it can be very invasive.


St Johns Wort has nice yellow flowers, grows 12-18 inches tall, and is a perennial herb in zones 4-8, but be careful as it can be toxic to livestock, and is considered an invasive species. I would suggest just a couple of plants that you actively manage to keep from getting out of control.


I planted St Johns Wort in my greenhouse in February. It is extremely slow growing when it is starting out, so you really have to be patient. The seed is very small, so I planted the seed just beneath the surface in pots. After three months, they were finally mature enough to go outside. This herb can be transplanted outside as early as 2-3 weeks before your last frost date.


Tools and materials needed?

Hand trowel, St. Johns wort plants, water


Soil type preferred?

St Johns wort will grow in most soils, and needs a full sun to partly sunny site.


How far apart to plant Saint Johns Wort?

18 inches apart is good spacing


How to plant St Johns Wort?


1. Pull mulch back with hand trowel and set out plants 18 inches apart.


2. Dig the hole, deep enough to put the plant and the roots in the ground.


3. Place plant into the hole to make sure it is the desired depth.


4. Make sure roots are not root bound in the pot. If so massage roots to loosen.


5. Place plant in hole and backfill with the existing soil.


6. Compact the soil around the stem to get rid of too many air pockets.


7. Push mulch back


8. Give the plants a thorough watering to enhance establishment.


St. Johns Wort planted 18” apart