Garden Tour July 2016

Follow along on a tour of my permaculture site. You'll see: swales, ponds, gardens, chickens, bees, and much more.

Wood Chips Vs. Living Mulch Video

See which type of mulch I prefer and in what situation. Also, see how I am transitioning half of my zone 1 garden to a wood chip mulch and the other half to a forest garden.

Fire the Landscaper Book Trailer and Free Download

My new book Fire the Landscaper is available on Amazon. As a gift to the few, the proud ... my subscribers, I am offering the book for free download on Amazon this Friday and Saturday, 9-11 and 9-12-2015. Also, if you are a Amazon prime member, or Kindle unlimited member, you can borrow it for free anytime. Below is the description and the Amazon link. Fire the Landscaper is a biting critique of current landscape design and maintenance practices. The book explores the health risks, cultural biases, origins, and the insults to Mother Nature caused by our culturally backed, legally enforced obsession with artificial monoculture representations of nature. The author, Phil Williams, is the former owner of a successful landscape company. He exposes the waste, fraud, and downright ridiculousness of an industry focused solely on aesthetics. Through his subsequent training as a permaculture designer, he offers many practical solutions aligned with nature to increase the health and productivity of landscapes, and the world by extension, while simultaneously reducing the workload of upkeep. Amazon Product Page for Fire the Landscaper

Farmer Phil Book Trailer

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Farmer Phil's Permaculture is a bushel of fun for ages 2-8. Future farmers will enjoy the rhyming narrative, stunning artwork, animals, and adventures. Let Mother Nature be your guide. Try working with her, and she will provide. Eden's dad, eager to exit the rat race, buys a farm. Eden is disappointed when the farm looks more like a factory than the country setting she imagined. She befriends Farmer Phil, who encourages her to observe. Through observation, Eden understands the plants and animals, but she doesn't know whatto do. Farmer Phil suggests reading from the book of nature. To save the farm, Eden must see that the problem is the solution.

How to Make Compost Tea and a Brewer Video

In this video, see step by step how to make a compost tea brewer and how to brew the tea.

Garden Tour July 2015 Video

See my permaculture site July of 2015. Featured in the video: -Young Farm Forestry -Young Food Forestry -Zone 1 Gardens -Ponds -Swales -Top Bar Bee Hives -And Much More....

How to Make a Codling Moth Trap and Lure Video

Nobody likes worms in their apples. See the different styles of traps and the different lure recipes that I try. At the end you will find out what trap and what recipe worked the best to attract moths.

Swales, Ponds, and Spillways in the Rain Video

See a pretty dramatic rainstorm where we got 4 inches in a couple of hours. See spillways spilling, swales filled, and waterfalls flowing.

How to Grow Shitake Mushrooms in Logs Video

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See step by step how to grow inoculate Shitake Mushrooms in hardwood logs.

If you are doing more than a couple of logs, using a corded hammer drill is much faster than a cordless drill.  

How to Build an Overhead Chicken Waterer Video

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See how to build an overhead chicken waterer for $15 in 5 minutes.

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