Wind Mapping (Permaculture Design)

Wednesday 6-13-2012

For my 2nd homework assignment, I elected to make a wind map. This is difficult to do in one shot, as wind patterns do change throughout the season, so you may need to do this a few times if you really need to be accurate. Having been here for a while, I do have a pretty good idea of the wind patterns throughout the seasons.


There are certainly more high tech ways to do this, but I just attached a flag to a long wooden post, and I walked my property taking note of the wind direction by lifting the post high in the air. I was not surprised by my findings, but it was a good idea to get this mapped, so I will be more likely to consider wind when I am working on my permaculture design.


Below is a copy of my map and homework.


Site: Homestead for Phil & Denise Williams

Size: 5.5 acres

Slope: South facing mostly hilly terrain. There is fairly level land along the south side edge of the property, approximately 1.5 acres of the 5.5.


Design considerations based on the wind map:

1. The strong westerly wind that blows across my garden currently blows my corn over at least once a season. I may want to consider a wind break on the west side of my garden.


2. It would be nice to put more large trees in on the north side of the property to shield the house from the strong northerly winds, especially in the winter. Maybe a large wild area and food forest in this area would be appropriate.


Wind Map


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