Winterization of Equipment and Tools

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As we get closer to winter, it is a good idea to winterize and put away your tools and equipment for long term storage.


Hand tools are pretty simple clean them, sharpen them, and put them away in a dry place.


Any sprayers that you may have should be empty. Clean water should be run through the pump and nozzle. The pump and sprayer should be dry and stored in a dry place that will not freeze.


It gets a little more complicated with gas powered equipment. It is a good idea to read your owner’s manual for specifics, but below is a few general things that I do for my gas powered equipment.

Air filter on 21" mower

-Clean air filters (Replace if soaked in fuel or extremely dirty)

-Blow debris off equipment

-Check fuel filters, and replace if dirty

-Check oil on 4 cycle engines, and change if dirty

Check & change oil

-Lubricate with grease where needed (Be careful with this as over greasing can break seals)

-Sharpen mower blades

-Clean underside of mower deck

-Run fuel dry, or stabilize all fuel tanks and gas cans (I stabilize everything as it is easier, and I’m not wasting fuel)

Gas Stabilizer

-Remove spark plug and add 1 tablespoon of oil to the hole, then slowly pull cord several times to oil engine parts. Put the plug back, but do not attach plug wire.

I use this oil can to put a little oil in the spark plug hole


Gas and diesel cans (No need to stabilize diesel fuel)


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